From Captains, Crew and industry professionals:

"Thank you for your email and noting that there was a vacant role. That is great that you have reposted the role." - Amara, Chief Stew of a large yacht.

"This is great, thank you for reposting my ad and emailing me. Looking forward to feedback! I hasn't heard of your agency before. I'll check out your website." - Rose, future Five Star Crew user!

"Thanks for your email and my apologies for taking so long to reply. This is fine with me and thank you for helping out. In fact I might even give your hire crew feature!" - Simon, future Five Star Crew user!

"I would also like to commend you on your website, I use some others as well, yours is very well planned out. Just hope we can find a great job with it." - Harvey, Captain and Five Star Crew user.

"Thanks so much for this. We greatly appreciate you posting our advertisement." - Jade, Australian hiring agency.

"Thank you very much for the ethical replay, dear Karen! We agree with your notice, and appreciate the professional standard you are following." - Eli, Crew Agency.

"Yes perfect thank you very much for the words of wisdom and Guidance ! I appreciate the help ! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a brilliant week ahead." and "Thank you very much I appreciate the honesty and the guidance I will get that done asap and submit the documents ! Thanks a million." - Tyron, Five Star Crew user.

"My partner is a fivestar fb addict! It scours it every morning, in bed, before he even gets up!? He tends to keep all our info up to date on line with fivestar (we tend to monitor particular agencies to break up the workload). So - yes - you are doing a great job and you we are both fans!" - Jennifer, Five Star Crew user.

" I'm sure you being polite and answering back quickly is great for them (with regards to Europeans). Great to see you put up such a great job board. You see, Canadians are always the ones out to help! lol :) All the best and thanks again for the great service.. See, Canadians are always at the top of their game :)" - Amira, Five Star Crew user and fellow Canadian :)

"Thank you for you prompt response and all the information you shared." - Marc, Five Star Crew user.

"Thanks for the reply. You guys are doing a great job." - Tom, YOA.

"The new website layout looks great by the way!" - Chris, Five Star Crew user.

"I appreciate & am impressed with you having the STCW & ENG1 as minimal policy standards, & we shall upload our new certificates when we have them" - Geoff, Five Star Crew future user!

"Yes I am excited to have registered and lets see what pops up. Thank you for the good work and easy platform. Its very helpful" - Alicia, Five Star Crew user.

"Thanks a lot for everything. You're the best!" - regarding help with his online Profile - Franck, Captain and Five Star Crew user.

"I like your page and I think it is fantastic project. Congratulations!..I just asked the chefs who applied, where did they find us and from 23 email we got, 14 told us in Fivestartcrew. Well done!! And thanks again." and "Thank you, you are doing a great job and I agree with you, crew always need help with their job applications, I appreciate how much work it is what you are doing and I am very impress with your generosity." - Rosa, Crew Central - Palma.

"A friend of mine is a stew and she tipped me off to the FiveStar website (which has been super helpful).... Your site is super helpful and informative! Thanks so much! .....P.S. : read your about/bio... Absolutely love PEI - spent the whole of last summer doing my STCW courses at Holland College and swimming at Thunder Cove. Nothin' wrong with it!" and "Thanks so much for getting back to me...I really appreciate your advice and I'll look into the ENG-1 medical soon after I arrive. I'm really grateful for the assistance and happy to find there are more Easterners in the yachting world!" - Ben, Deckhand and fellow Canadian :)

"Thanks for posting this on FiveStarCrew!" - Warren, ACREW.

"Your service is good to know and I will no doubt use in the future." - Captain of a 37m M/Y.

"Thank you Karen, I appreciate your help in extending our search for the perfect 2nd Stewardess..." - Claire, Chief Stewardess.

With reference to our website: "Known about it for years, came across it on the internet. Great website. Many thanks" - Bethan, Five Star Crew user.

With regards to a repost - "Thank you for informing me. I often do use it so it's appreciated." - Sasha, Five Star Crew user.

"I hope you are well, Five Star Crew is so, so successful now!! Congratulations! I remember when you started this up." - Ayeisha, Faststream Recruitment.

"Dear Karen, Many thanks for the excellent and in-depth information provided to help crew find work..." - Uma, Five Star Crew user.

"Karen and team, Thank you for this web site. This is the fastest, most practical industry posting site that I've found. Great job!" - Sherrie, Five Star Crew user.

"First I have to congratulate you for the awesome work. Keep it up!" - George, Five Star Crew user.

"I am very impressed with your communications and assistance through the day. I'm sure you are overwhelmed with many other applications. Meant a lot to me Thank you so much for that. " - Daniel, Five Star Crew user and applicant.

"Ive taken a look at five star crew. It looks like a great way for me to hire crew. It also comes highly recommended." - Captain Watson, Five Star Crew user.

"I think your website is the best by far. It's easy.." - Måns, Five Star Crew user.

"Karen, Thank you for the efforts and for the professionalism. It's well noted, appreciated." - Captain John.

"I would firstly like to say thank you very much for always advertising my adverts on your site Five Star Crew, this is very kind of you." - Nuno, Earth & Sea Elite Lifestyle Management.

"First of all thank you for this amazing site, it was helped a lot of us finding a job in the past. Excellent job." - Bernardo, Five Star Crew user.

"Thanks for all of your help! I read through a lot of your sites pages and your newbie page has a ton of great advice!! You're doing a good thing by running Five Star Crew." - Cindy - Five Star Crew user and fellow Canadian :)

"Hi Karen, Thank-you for your e-mail and an even bigger thank-you for listing our add! I have just had a look at your web site and am very impressed. I will certainly be re-listing with you." - Peter - MCA Commercial Yacht Captain & Consultant

"Now that's service! Thanks Karen" - Hemisphere Crew Solutions regarding a recent change made to accommodate a new job title for one of their posts.

"...met Karen at a Green for Hire event and loved her! Hope to see her at the next one!" - Laura - new Five Star Crew user.

"Hi Karen, Yes I got some good candidates (from a post on Five Star Crew)! Thank you!" - Lauren - Five Star Crew user and hiring agent.

"Karen, It was lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help us." and "Hey Karen, Hope this find you well. Walked by your boat yesterday. Just wanted to let you know I got the job. My first dock walk and first invite on board...many thanks for helping it happen. For now its just a week but sounds like they have had a lot of bad chefs. Not going to be hard to knock there socks off so they want to keep me. Hope to see you in the yard!" - Sarah, Pampered Chef and new Five Star Crew friend!

"Thank you 5 Start Crew for sharing our post. We are still looking." - Lisa, Crew Agent

"Thanks so much for your kind email... Many thanks Karen, and may I just add my appreciation for five star crew and your recently added app. It has been a great place for me to find work." - Nicki - Chief Stewardess and Five Star Crew user
"Thank you for adding the post to Fivestarcrew! I have had much feedback." - Tiffany - Chief Stewardess of a 70m+ M/Y

"Hi Karen, Thank you very much for you advice and help, I will take it all on board and make the necessary changes. Many thanks" - Conor - a Five Star Crew user

"Thank you very much for your help - it is much appreciated." - Cailyn - hiring party on a yacht.

"Dear Karen, Firstly I would just like to say what an excellent job you have done with 5 Star Crew. Every job I've had over the past couple of years I have found through your website." - Gina - a Five Star Crew user

Re a repost of a job offer: "Thanks that would be great I often look at 5 star crews site! I am not an agency just a chief stew in need of a 2nd. Thanks again." - Sharon, a Chief Stew.

"Thank you so much for your help. Just to let you know the position has now been filled. I've been watching Five Star Crew for a couple of years now, and I have friends that have secured happy positions on board directly from your postings. I will be more than happy to use your site again, and recommend it to others! Wishing you all the best for the future.." - Fiona, Five Star Crew user.

"Hello Karen. Thanks for your help. I've been trying and trying to make these documents smaller for my son, x, who is registered with your agency (it's a
brilliant agency BTW!)..." - Penny, a Five Star Crew user's Mom!

“GREAT comments on the "free crossing." A yacht I was temping on said they wanted me to go on the Atlantic crossing to finish my projects but they couldn't pay me, so I said "you don't pay me, I don't cross and one of the kids with no experience you are bringing for no pay can go and finish re-wiring the ballast valve actuators and re-installing the water feature and spa pumps." I went, was paid, and flown home. It's not as big a liability issue as it is an ethical issue. Once captains realize they can load their boats with inexperienced and unskilled labor it's going to create a slippery slope toward industry mediocrity.
And GREAT job pointing out yachts that don't pay. I have a former captain that stole money from the crew. It's about time we say "no more!" – Gary – Five Star Crew user

“..thank you for your support I have been very impressed with 5 star crew!” – Nicky, Managing Director, Hemisphere Crew Solutions Ltd.

“Good morning Five star crew, I have been following you page for a while and have found lots of useful information about the industry.” – FSC user

“Hi Karen. It's Julie Perry, author of "The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess." I don't believe we've met before. I just went through a round of updating my book for its second edition release, and when I put a question out to crew here on Facebook asking what crew agencies they trusted the most, I received tons of responses about Five Star Crew. So many that I expanded your mention in the upcoming release of my book.
I also enjoy keeping up with your Facebook page, as I feel there is a lot of useful information there. I will do my best to make sure you get a copy of my book once it is released. I am sure you will be pleased at your listing.” - Julie Perry, author of The Insiders' Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess

“Hi Karen, Thanks to you and 5star crew. I'm starting a job in Nassau today. Got the job yesterday and fly today! Ill let you know how it goes.” – Damienn – Australian 1st Officer/2nd Captain

“Hi there! Thank you so much for re-posting my job add! Appreciate it! And well done on the great new forum for yachts and yachties! Thanks again!” – Angela – hiring party for 35m M/Y in Dubai

“…great site - everyone is talking about it :)” – Chief Stew Tanya - Five Star Crew user

“Hello, Love your website and your facebook activities, doing a great job.” – Reynald – registered Five Star user

“Hi there, I follow your site every day.. keep up the good work!” – Jessima – registered Five Star user

“I have been a great admirer of your previous FB page and have put it to good use on several occasions. … Thank you, and keep up the excellent effort.” – Patrick - Five Star Crew user

“Thank you, Karen, I received lots of CVs since this morning, very appreciated!” – Mihaela – Chief Stew on a 50m Charter boat in the Med.

“Hi There, Just wanted to say I love your site, the concept is great and it is easy and simple to use. Wonderful way to connect people, this industry needs it! ... I enjoy using your website! … Always want to support Canadian enterprise! Homeland! Cheers and have a great day! “ Sheena - Five Star Crew user

“Hi Karen, I'm receiveing a pleanty of CVs for sure so obviously you have a large number of persons on your site.” – Mika – hiring party on a large M/Y with a worldwide itinerary

“Hey Karen, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. First, let me start by saying how excited I am that Five Star has a website now. I go on every day, looking for work, and it's so nice to not have to venture onto Facebook to get to you :) … the website is great! Thank you again for getting back to me, and creating such a great site for work..” – Jamie - Five Star Crew user

“Thank you very much! (for the job repost) I have had great feedback…”- Jessica – Chief Stew on a 70m M/Y in Barcelona

“1st of all I really want to thank you for your time fixing my cv, and all the help and explanations...I've been mailing a lot of agencies, and you'r the only one that responded the way you did, it's very sweet of you, THANK YOU :)” – Alex – Five Star Crew user

“Dear Karen, Your website surprised me, this is the first time I used it and I'm happy with the amount of CVs I am receiving. You're such a great help and I will definitely pass this great information around to other chief stewardess and captains who are always in need to find good crew around anytime of the year. Thank you Karen and to your entire team. Please keep my need for stewardess/laundry girl posted I need more CVs.Kind Regards, Monette - Chief Stewardess - 53m or 175' M/Y”

“I appreciate the help. I am getting mostly good feedback. You will always get 30-50% of CV’s which does not tick the boxes regarding qualifications, passports etc. But there is no way around this as far as I can see. For a free service it is a lot better then can be expected.” – Captain 42m M/Y

“Thanks for all your hard work and support for the community! You have been such a help to me as a newbie to the super yacht world … You guys are great. The little tips and the network, really great - so thanks.” – Laura, a Five Star Crew user

“Great initiative and I’m fine with your reposting.” – Donna Morris, Principal, Australian Superyacht Crew

“Feedback is great your site must be very popular!” – Joanna, Chief Stew on a 35m M/Y in France

“Thank a million for copying the adverts previously, we really appreciated the interested.” – Ciara, posted positions in Italy

“Thank you for posted my job announcement of Five Star! I really like Five Star and I would like to compliment you girls for the big job you are doing.” – Claud, hiring party on a 145’ M/Y in Ft. Lauderdale

“Thank-you! what a great page!” – Curtis, hiring party on 55m S/Y in the Med

“Thank you for your website it's great” – Fatima, hiring party on a 41m in the Med

“Thanks very much for your help and letting me post this.” – Michelle, hiring party on a delivery up the Eastern Seaboard from Antigua

“Thanks a lot it was useful and I found what I want” – Captain of 37m M/Y in Viareggio, Italy

“I know 5 Star crew, all good, thanks. Not yet had any CV's from your site but the more exposure the better. Thank you for your assistance.” – Ian, hiring party on 37m M/Y in Ft. Lauderdale

“Hi Karen, Feedback and quality of CV's coming back is fine. Good to re-post the details I have put up on your site. Thanks” – Alex, First Officer on 45m M/Y in the Med

“I'll keep your site in mind for next time.” – Robert, Captain of 75’ M/Y in Norfolk, VA

“Thank you very much and I got a good response from the advert.” – Andrea, Chief Stew on a 50m charter yacht in the Med

“Thanks for your reply, Karen. Your concept sounds interesting and as long as your advertising service is free :) we are very keen to post our vacancies with your site.” Silke Sigley, Crew Placement with Reid Yacht Services, Auckland, NZ

“Hello Karen. Many thanks for posting the job. Ill keep you updated.” – Captain on a 36m classic S/Y in the Med

“Thank You Karen. I gave my words to your Facebook page. So far I am happy to receive such a nice Cvs. Let is see how is the progressive will be ended up. “ – Captain Firat in Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Karen, thanks very much for posting nevertheless, I appreciate it.” Also, “Many thanks in advance, Karen. I appreciate your help as always. “ – Lucia, Chief Stewardess of a 60m M/Y in the West Med

“Thank you very much for your interest and detailed information about your site. We have been getting several applications through your site as well. It is also very nice to hear that you are educating them. Thanks for your efforts!” – Suzan Kucukunsal, Marketing and Recruitment Manager, NIS Yachting in Bodrum, Turkey

“Hi Karen, thanks for reposting the crew mess laundry add. If you want you can also repost the housekeeping add I put on your website for the 90m... up to you. I wasn’t sure how to do it properly? I saw you are a Canadian company :)” – Bradie, posting party for a 90+m M/Y in Valencia

“yes thank you for reposting-we are receiving the candidates” – Craig, hiring party for a 110’M/Y cruising the Caribbean and Bahamas

“Dear Karen. I much appreciate your help, wish there was more people like you in yachting.” – James, hiring party for a classic S/Y in the Med

“It was good that you post in face book as I received several very good CVs.” – Captain Ivan on 40m private/charter M/Y

“Dear karen, Thanks a lot , I receive many resume then I wish we find the right.” – Charles, 36m M/Y

“Hi Karen, Thank you for your email. I have been getting very good feedback, thank you. You have some great crew checking out your pages.” – Justine Murphy, Director

“Thank you for taking the time to explain things below. Much appreciated. We do have some jobs that we need people urgently, and therefore are happy to waive the registration process, so these would probably be best to post with you when needed. Your site is wonderful, and one of the best seen out there..” Rachel Waters, mymuybueno Chef Services - Mallorca

“I've already used your page for finding a stewardess last year and I find it very helpful.” Ljuba, Chief Stewardess, 69.5m M/Y in the Med

“Thanks Karen, I appreciate it, and i will use it in future (referring to the Five Star Crew Facebook wall) - Marino, posting party on a 50m M/Y in Italy

“Karen, The more exposure the better. I will let you know # of responses I can identify.” – Nelson Sharp of Destiny Yachts

“Hey guys! Thanks for such an awesome page. I did my first yachting season last year in Antibes and since then you guys have kept me up to date with all that is yachting!” – Mitchell – Five Star Crew user

“Thank you so much for giving me your background and information on 5 star crew. Today is the first day I have ever visited your website. It’s so well done! It has everything you need and nothing you don’t need. I really love it. I can certainly tell you’re an experienced yachty. So many people are trying to do a website similar to yours, but doing it poorly.” - Julia, Director of Crew Placement for a crew placement company in Ft. Lauderdale

“Good Morning Karen, Thanks for reposting the Job. I have had many good replies.” - Cuan - Captain 40m M/Y

“Thank you Karen, My inbox has been pinging for two days already. Waiting for it to settle before I even look at candidates. Tx, Captain Matt” – Captain Matt – Captain of a 92” M/Y traveling to the Caribbean

“Karen, We have closed out the posting .... received over 30 resumes in two days. Thanks for your initiative…” and “We will keep your site in mind for future needs” – Steven J. Hauck – President/CEO, Steel Trading Corp. of America, Hauck Resource Development Group LTD, HR Marine Group LLC – posting party on Five Star Crew

“Hello Five Star, You do a great job…” Brigid - Five Star Crew user

“Hi There Five Star Crew!! Thanks for all the hard work ” – Victoria - registered Five Star Crew user

From random online sources:

"Five Star Crew is a professional megayacht crew-job listing site for both experienced crew as well as newbies internationally. Register at; the site has about the shortest registration process out there (no photos) and allows megayacht crew to post and manage position postings. The ads appear on the main page in the chosen category. The agency keeps an eye on who is registering and applying, and crew benefit from a two-click application process once registered.

Run by Karen Murray, Five Star Crew also communicates with crew through its Facebook page, Five Star Crewmunity, The website also has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe. The site does not accept non-yacht positions (Estate or related land-based are permitted), nor are cruise or commercial ship positions permitted. - See more at The Insiders' Guide to Becoming A Yacht Stewardess